Sponsor a Goal

Our tremendous gratitude to those who have signed up so far:

Mark Smith | Kodi Lyons-Foster | Will Evans | Callum Reynolds
Nick Arnold | Cheye Alexander | Jake Cole | Chris Arthur
Dave Osland | Anthony Broadbent | Darrel Nobel | Paul Smith
Simon Regan | Chris Trodd | Tommy Anderson | Neil Thomas
Andy Anderson | Jacob Welch | Mike Pusey 
Terry Bremner | Kevshots | Doug Bremner
Lee Ray | Paul, Andy and Dave from Torquay | Eastbank
Rob & Caz Anderson | Terry Owens | Sam O'Sullivan
Matt Redrup | Mark Butler | Tim Coope | Rob Hales
Richard Petty | Richard Adams | Martyn Swansborough | Andy Pusey

Would you like to sponsor every Vanarama League goal scored by the Shots this season for as little as £1 a goal – and contribute to the Manager’s playing budget?

In addition, your name could appear in every programme and on the Trust website. All proceeds from Sponsor a Goal will be donated to the Trust’s Boost the Budget scheme which will be used solely to support the Manager’s playing budget by providing extra funds to support players’ contracts, loan-signings or transfer fees.

To join, please complete the form below and return to Janet in the Ticket Office at the EBB Stadium.  If you have any questions, please see Janet or email info@theshotstrust.co.uk.

The trust are working with Chris Trodd on this initiative, Chris administers the Facebook Fans group – so he can be reached via that route.

Payment can be either monthly, every 10 goals or at the end of the season by cheque (made payable to Boost the  Budget), cash or bank transfer to Boost the Budget, sort code 20-45-45, Account No 80448699, with a reference of Sponsor a Goal.

Sponsor a Goal Form, Click Here